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Battle Islands is a game that's played on different islands in several ages.
What's the goal?
Actually there are 2 goals:
There are 5 ages, in age 5 (the modern age) you'll get 5 assignments. The first player who completes these 5 heavy assignments will be declared winner.
After age 5 an additional age will begin where we destroy each other with even bigger weapons.
This age ends when there's just one player left alive.
The winners will be added to the Hall of Fame and a new round will start in couple of days.
Players start with 9 pieces of the island and enhance this land with buildings.
On each island there's also land that's been taken by barbarians, this land can be captured by players.
Players can also attack other land.
Each building has it's own function. Buildings can be extended, this will provide more profit and possibilities.
See the buildingsoverview for more information about the buildings.
The game is divided into 5 different ages (from the stone age till present day).
Each age has its own different characteristics: different buildings, troops, resources, etc.
The game development is set by inventors, they determine when new technology, buildings, troops and even ages become available.
Playing the game is bound to the terms of service, these are also part of the registration.



Latest news / updates
Age X has started.
hoppo is the winner of this round.
Age 5 has started.

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