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Islands can be struck by earthquakes.

How much damage will an earthquake do?
There are 3 types of earthquakes:
  • Minor earthquake
    This will only do some damage to high level buildings.
    Higher buildings will have a bigger change to be damaged.
  • Average earthquake
    High buildings and walls can be damaged.
    The highest walls and buildings will have the most damage.
  • Major earthquake
    Most buildings and walls will substain>The amount of damage will be much more than the other earthquakes.
    There will also be human casualties.

  • What triggers earthquakes?
    Each time you upgrade a building or wall you create vibrations on your island.These vibrations can cause an earthquake.
    High level buildings will create more vibrations, so there's a slightly bigger chance to trigger an earthquake.
    When your island hasn't had an earthquake for a longer time (even though there were lots of upgrades), the next earthquake will be more severe.



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