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Clans are people that play the game together.
They have extra features to act together (communication, information, attacks)
Start your own clan
Every player, who's not already in a clan, can start a clan.
Select the clans and you'll see the option to start your own clan (Friends club) on the right.
You'll will be automatically leader and have all available clanrights.
Other players can select your clan and apply to join your clan, you can accept of reject new players.
Overview clan options
  • clanmembers have a different color on the islands
  • clanmembers cannot attack each other
  • clanmembers can see each other attacks
  • a separate forum
  • mass mail to all clan members
  • donate troops to the clan
  • give troops to players in need
  • clan rankings: donations, activity, etc
  • see all clan events in the news section
  • style your clan with your own logo and text information
  • detailed clan player information

  • Transferring troops
    Players can donate troops to the clan.
    These troops can be given to other clan members when they're in trouble.
    To give troops to another player:
    - you need to have clanrights
    - select the clan player
    - fill in the number of troops
    - each transfer will cost clan resources (depending on total troops and age)
    - troops stationed in a clan have no upgrades (lowest age level)
    Clan level
    The clanlevel determines the maximum number of members.
    A new clan starts at level 5, this means it can have 5 members at start.
    Clanmembers can donate resources to the clan.
    These resources can be used to increase the clan's level.
    With each new age, the costs to upgrade your clan also increases.
    Additional info
  • the clanleader can delegate rights (tasks) to other members
  • clans have a different name in each age

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