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Land can be attacked or even conquered if the land does not belong to the 'main land' and does not belong to someone from your own clan.
  • Attack mode must be active (for you and your opponent)
  • The building: Fighters, in order to build this you'll need main cave level 3
  • Select the fighters building to train new troops

  • Attack mode
  • You can attack other players when you and your opponent both have the attack mode activated
  • Barbarians can always be attacked, when the attack mode is active you'll do 2 times more damage against barbarians
  • When you activate the attack mode, it will be active for at least 1 day
  • The top 10 players (general ranking) will always have an active attack mode
  • During age 5 your attack mode will always be active, and also during the extra age
  • Players with an active attack mode will show up green in the rankings

  • The attack
    When troops have been trained you'll get the option to select these troops.
    They will become visible in the selected troops.
    Select the land you want to attack, enter the number of troops in and click Submit.
    The attack is visible in both lands and in the messages.
    Players with the playertype Timemaster will have a quicker attack.

    The player who's under attack will see his messages colored and the land flashes red on the map.
    The battle result
    During the attack, all troops battle against each other.
    The result is defined by the number of troops, attackvalue and defensevalue of the troops, the motivation of the troops and the wall.
    If the attacker defeats all the defensive forces, the defense of the land will decrease by 1 level, this will give the attacker a resourcebonus (depending on the defense level).
    Troops who have survived the attack, will return to the land where they came from.
    If all troops have been defeated and there's no wall anymore, the attacker will become the new owner of the land.
    Some buildings remain (partly) behind when the land has been conquered.

    The land of barbarians have no defense, this land can always be conquered with 1 successful attack.
    Special situations
  • When land is successfully attacked, it can no longer be attacked within the next 30 minutes
  • If there is already an attack on the way, the troops will return with the message that an attack was not possible
  • If the land has changed ownership before the troops arrive, they will also return and report
  • If returning troops discover that their (return)land has been conquered, they are forced to return to the main building

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