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Motivation provides extra force during an attack.
This applies for attacking but also for defending troops.
By default motivation is 100%. A motivation of 200% means that an attack (or defense) will be twice as strong.

Motivation is determined by:
- the general players motivation
- the distance from the main land
General motivation
This applies to all troops, the general motivation is shown in the main building.
The general motivation can be increased by building a shrine: 1% extra for each level.
Distance from main land
Land that's further away from the main land will have less motivation.
For each step a land is separated from the main land (straight or diagonal), the motivation will decrease by 1%.
Motivation during an attack
When attacking, the motivation is determined by the distance from the main land. Further away means less motivation.
Let's look at the total motivation for land [5,4]:
- the main building is located at [2,2].
- land [3,3] is the nearest main land
- the general motivation is 110% (because you have a temple at level 10).
The distance between land [5,4] and the main land [3,3] is 2 (straight or diagonal doesn't effect the calculation of the distance).
The motivation in land [5,4] will be 100-(2*1) = 98%.
After that, the general motivation will be calculated: 98*110%=107.8%.
Distance from main island
Attacking another island will result in the following decrease of motivation:
Motivation = 80% - (5 x distance from main island).
After this, the general motivation will be calculated.



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