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The game is played in 5 different ages.

With each new age new technology becomes available; new fighter types, new buildings, new resources...
Your troops and buildings will be automatically upgraded, so your troops will also be a lot stronger.

New ages
The game has a current age, this is the maximum age players can enter.
When the game enters a new age it becomes possible for players to activate this new age.
In order to activate a next age you'll need to talk to your inventors. They will tell you when the next age is present and what you'll need to do to activate this new age.

Although you can choose to remain in a 'lower' age, it's not really functional. Because all other players and barbarians will be much stronger (barbarians become about twice as strong each age).

Information about the ages
  • age 1 - stone age
  • age 2 - bronze age
  • age 3 - dark ages
  • age 4 - industrial age
  • age 5 - modern/final age
  • age x - extra age

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