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Extra Age
This is the last age.
Allthought the endgame has already been finished, this is an extra age with just 1 goal: total destruction.
This age will be played untill there's just 1 player left.
In this age it's: no mercy!

What's different in this age?
Land cannot be conquered anymore, it can only be destroyed.
Rocket shields can no longer be build.
All barbarians have left the islands.
Clans don't excist anymore, every island can be attacked, all actions will be finished much quicker, inventors are available each hour and your income is 10 times more.
The main building can also be attacked.
When a player loses all it's land, the player is defeated and can only view the game.
Each race will have a special benefit.

To make sure that the extra age doesn't go on forever, the following has been implemented:
- missiles will become long range missiles, so that can be fired to every island
- bararians are the first to invents nukes and they will shoot a nuke to a random land each hour

When the extra age is finished...
The best players will also be added to the Hall of Fame.
The game will restart with a new round in a few days .
Each new round will have new upgrades and/or changes to the settings.



Latest news / updates
Age X has started.
hoppo is the winner of this round.
Age 5 has started.

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