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Help - players type (race)

During the account creation you must select a players type (race).
This choice will have a big impact on the overall game play.

Each type has it's own advantages:
The timemaster can perferm actions faster than other players.
Building buildings, training troops and attacking will be completed much faster.
Age 1-4: actions are 50% faster.
Age 5: actions are 75% faster.
Age X: the hospital is upgraded to the super hospital, healing 100% of all human troops
The warlord does extra damage during attacking players and barbarians.
Age 1-4: attacks are 30% more powerful.
Age 5: attacks are 50% more powerful.
Age X: inventors can invent extreme powerful airplanes.
An innovator will invent much faster.
Inventions will be made twice as fast.
Age 5: inventors will invent the satellites, this provides more information about enemy land.
Age X: inventors can invent nukes, destroying a land with just one attack.
The merchant has a resource bonus.
Age 1-4: 30% extra resources.
Age 5: 50% extra resources.
Age X: a bonus of 1,000,000 of each resource.



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Age X has started.
hoppo is the winner of this round.
Age 5 has started.

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