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Barbarians can be found on all islands.
Barbarian land can be conquered.
You can recognize them by the following image:

How strong are barbarians?
Barbarians will (just like regular players) become stronger each day.
And their wall will become higher with each age.
The only way to see how strong they are is by attacking them.
Make sure your attack mode is active, because this will make you much stronger against barbarians, 5 times more stronger.
How can I conquer barbarian land?
Just like other players: by attacking them.
If you defeat some barbarians (but not enough to conquer the land) it will take them a week to regain full strength.
Why is some land not taken by barbarians?
During the first age a lot of land is not owned by barbarians, these are the non-selectable lands.
With each new age barbarians will conquer more of this empty land, so it becomes available for players to conquer more land.
Barbarians in the extra age...
During the last age the barbarians have gone underground.
But they are the first to discover nukes.
They will fire a nuke to a random land each hour!



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