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Resources are needed to build troops, buildings ...

On the right you can see how much resources you have, hover over the numbers to see the production each hour.
Increase production
The production can be increased by building resource-buildings or by increasing the level of the existing buildings.

Some land will bring more resources than others.
Select your land and click . Here you'll see the resource factors.
It goes from x1 to x5 for each resource.
A wood factor 3 means that this land produces 3 times as much wood: 3 wood for each level (instead of 1 wood / hour for regular land).
Resource factors 3 and 5 will show up on the island (by hovering over a land).
Additional info
Each age will have different resources.
For instance, bronze will be available in age 2 but will be replaced by gold in age 3.
For more info check the buildings: Stone, Wood and Gold.



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